Review: Vederkast – Northern Gothic

Vederkast - Northern Gothic

Vederkast is an unsigned band out of Tromso, Norway, and like many young bands around, they are clearly influenced by a wide range of progressive rock, while largely based on heavy/stoner rock. All that means that “Northern Gothic” is heavy on guitar tone with soaring vocals and epic songwriting. It’s the type of music that typically either works or doesn’t with little room for error.

Interestingly, Vederkast finds itself in neither camp. “Northern Gothic” is a perfect album, but it also offers up a template for future success. Album opener “Skirmish” is one of the heavier tracks on the album, with a great on-top-of-lungs chorus. “My Burden” is a slow burner that feels too slow burning but reveals itself through an underlying melody. “Leave Them Behind” and “Forget Me Not” are solid doses of stoner rock energy.

Overall, Vederkast feels like they developed their identity fully. There are shades of many different styles traced in their music, and that makes “Northern Gothic” a very pleasant surprise. As it is, the group is still in the growing phase, but “Northern Gothic” is a sign that the band is one to watch.

“Northern Gothic” is available from Bandcamp. Vederkast is on Facebook.


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