Hot Streak: Best of 2015 @TheWineryDogs

This is an album that I struggled with at first, but in the end it became one of my Top 22 favorites of the entire year.

The biggest problem for me was the track order. I didn’t like the original sequencing at all, so it wasn’t until I came up with my own playlist order of the album that I was able to fully enjoy it.

The first three tracks simply failed to grab me in the beginning. “Oblivion” (track 1)  shows off the musicians’ chops, but I don’t think it is anywhere near one of the best songs on the album. Instead, “The Lamb”(track 13) is both an excellently written song and it also has a wicked display of chops. I would have thought it should be right at the beginning, or at least somewhere in the first half of the album. It is arguably the album’s greatest achievement.

“Captain Love” (track 2) is fun, but again, it is not one of the strongest songs. The whole “pet name” theme driving it was boring for me; it felt like a “novelty” song. I would rather have a track like this come after all the best songs, when I am craving more, and thus am more open to the silliness and fun of this kind of lyrical fluff.

“Hot Streak” (track 3) is funky and fierce, but again, it simply did not grab me. It was not until “How Long” (track 4) and “Empire” (track 5) that I really sat up and took notice. Those two songs are absolutely superb and are completely stunning displays of both songwriting and instrumental mastery.

Other tracks that didn’t offer me maximum enjoyment in the original running order are: “Fire,” “Ghost Town,” “Spiral,” and “Think It Over.” For me, each interrupted the flow of the album. But the other tracks really excited and thrilled me.

So, I took drastic measures and rewrote the track order for the album. I found that with the following playlist, the album became one of my favorites of the year; the trick for me was to hook myself on my favorite six songs first, and then continue to feed the craving they instilled with the rest of the songs coming after, when I was properly disposed to fully enjoy them:

8. “The Bridge”
9. “War Machine”
11. “Devil You Know”
13. “The Lamb”
4. “How Long”
5. “Empire”
1. “Oblivion”
2. “Captain Love”
3. “Hot Streak”
6. “Fire”
7. “Ghost Town”
10. “Spiral”
12. “Think It Over”

I find that this song order never fails to hook me and thrill me. My six favorite songs now come first: these are the ones that, just when I was ready to give up on this album as second-tier, would pop up in the original running order and blow me completely away. I am glad to have the playlist option of re-creating the album. I do think part of a classic album is its proper sequencing.

If you didn’t think The Winery Dogs released one of the year’s best albums, think again. This track ordering totally works for me and seals the deal. Hot Streak is one of the year’s finest.

If you doubt me, I dare you to download the first six songs in my new running order. They are completely amazing. If you listen to just these six, you will become a champion this year of the stunning musical achievement by The Winery Dogs:

8. “The Bridge”
9. “War Machine”
11. “Devil You Know”
13. “The Lamb”
4. “How Long”
5. “Empire”

2 thoughts on “Hot Streak: Best of 2015 @TheWineryDogs

  1. Bryan Morey

    This is definitely an album that grows on you – in fact, it is a band that grows on you. The track listing they came up with does seem sort of random to me, so I’ll give yours a try! I never even thought of switching it around.

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