Top 22 Albums of 2015

Just like last year, I have done two Top 10 lists: one of the most proggy albums I listened to, and one of the not-as-proggy hard rock/heavy metal things I listened to (although there is obviously overlap here, since some albums could go on either list: e.g., the new Iron Maiden, Winery Dogs, Toto, or ELO). These lists contain the music I listened to the most during the year; i.e., it is an objective chronicle of the greatest number of hours I spent listening to music: I loved these albums so much that I returned to them again and again. This year, I add an 11th album to each of my Top 10 lists: on each list, I place in first position an album left over from 2014 that I listened to heavily in January 2015; these leftover listens (Dave Kerzner and Distorted Harmony) deserve to be on my Top 10 lists, because the lists are objective measures of the number of hours I spent listening to music during the year. Plus, like Spinal Tap, I think I need to go to 11; after all, my favorite genre is prog metal (as you can tell from the heavily metallic flavor of my personal predilections for 2015). Note the order of the Top 10 lists below simply follows the order of the calendar months. The lists therefore record in order, month-by-month, the albums I listened to the most. By the way, each album rates a five-star ranking. I won’t waste any time reviewing them here. All you need to know is that they have achieved supreme excellence. Don’t miss any of them. My heart says they are the best of 2015.

Top 22 Albums of 2015:

Top 11 Prog Albums of 2015

Top 11 Rock Albums of 2015

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