Kudos to Dream Theater (not a review)


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.43.26 PM.png
The characters of THE ASTONISHING.

A quick note about the new Dream Theater and the reviews I’ve read this far.  Well, two notes.

First, THE ASTONISHING is one of the most ambitious undertakings for an album I have ever seen.  Not just the music, but the story and everything that accompanies the story.  For attempt alone, DT deserves the highest marks possible.

Second, I’ve seen a lot of reviews mock the story as “Young Adult” and ridiculous.  Yes, names such as Faythe and Gabriel and Emperor Nayfarius are pretty obvious.  But, more so than Darth Vader (Dark Invader) ?

Come on, folks, this form of naming is a fairy-tale convention, and it has been for centuries.  It gives us an immediate knowledge of who is good and who is bad, who wears the white hat and who wears the black hat.  If you want to make fun of the band for this, you’re welcome to, of course, but you’re making fun of one of the longest-lived literary conventions in western civilization.

I’ll have a full review of this album after I’ve had more time to listen to it, but thus far I’m just amazed at the scope of it all.  What a treat.

5 thoughts on “Kudos to Dream Theater (not a review)

  1. Sid Tulley

    I think the urge to criticize DT for this stems from the fact that they are not fiction writers; they’re a rock band. A reasonable person should be skeptical when an artist of repute in one medium asks to be taken seriously in another medium. Do they really have a unique story to tell? Do they even know how to execute it? Do the music and story complement one another? Oh, and Darth Vader means “Dark Father”, not “Dark Invader”.


  2. Bryan Morey

    I’m definitely going to need to listen to this several more times before I make a final opinion. I’ll say that I’m not impressed overall after 2 listens. I find myself wishing it would end already when I’m halfway through, something I can’t say about any other DT album (except maybe Six Degrees, depending on the day). It is definitely no 2112, or Clockwork Angels for that matter.


      1. Bryan Morey

        Oh yes, no doubt about that. I just meant that it isn’t anywhere near as good an album as either of those, even if it markets itself as being that good. I think DT may have overstepped their ability on this one.



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