Rush Interviewed on Sound Opinions

Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot put out their Sound Opinions podcast weekly, and the latest episode features an in-depth interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. It is one of the best interviews of them I’ve ever heard, primarily because -despite being professional music critics – Jim and Greg are both very big fans of Rush.

You can stream the podcast or download it here. The interview begins at 6:15 minutes in.

3 thoughts on “Rush Interviewed on Sound Opinions

  1. I personally LOVE listening to these guys (Ged & Alex),NOT because of WHAT they say………but rather……………HOW IT IS………they SAY IT!!! There’s NEVER any “expectations” when asked of them………”so WHAT NOW guys?” or “Is this the END of RUSH? “,etc. I’m quite certain,they are TIRED of hearing that same question over and over again,yet,they always handle it with the UTMOST professionalism,Honesty,and Respect they can muster,and for THAT alone……I highly admire them for that!!! 🙂

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