Review: Fatal Destiny – Palindromia

Fatal Destiny Artwork Palindromia

Verona-based Italian prog metallers Fatal Destiny are a new name on the international scene. Their debut album “Palindromia” creates a convincing case that other prog bands from Italy may just have a challenger in sight for their reign as the modern metal champions of the country. Essentially, Fatal Destiny embrace a similar modern metal culture flush with melody as Fates Warning and Dream Theater do in their respective soundscapes, but with an additional touch of modern take on the genre.

The band open convincingly with “Palindromia”, immediately making it known to the listener that this is going to be a melody-driven metal album. But once we get to “Beyond Dreams”, there’s only one word appropriate to describe the track: amazing. The interaction dynamic between the vocals and the rest of the mix is superior, and the instrumentals create an intricate, yet massively melodic landscape when they aren’t busy in dynamic riffage and pummeling percussion. The chorus is something else: an uplifting, elevating clean-vocal driven passage, instantly catchy and memorable.

Later, “Leave Me Here” provides another brilliant moment with more melodic approach which leads into yet another unforgettable explosion of clean vocal melody over a heavy instrumental landscape during the chorus.

“The Gate of Time” toys with straight up melodic metal at the start of the track but quickly counters with punishing metallic riffage. Here, too, the chorus doesn’t disappoint. “Feel Alone” leans on progressive metal more, which breaks up the album’s pace somewhat for additional diversity. “Human Factory” afterwards provides yet another highlight on the record.

One thing’s for sure: there are enough great melodies on “Palindromia” to push Fatal Desitny to the forefront of modern metal bands in Italy. They should be expecting much bigger crowds at their performances as word begins to spread. A new Italian metal star has been born.

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