Billy Reeves the Master Podcaster

One of my greatest monthly treats is the Kscope Podcast with Billy Reeves.  Four reasons to love it.

First, Reeves possesses that brilliant BBC voice and diction.

Second, it’s Kscope, the Pixar of the art/Prog Rock world.

Third, Reeves is intelligent and witty.

Most importantly, fourth, no matter how witty Reeves is, he always lets the artists speak and explain themselves.  In a world of insane sound bytes and overly-dramatic personalities, Reeves allows the “other” to speak.

The latest podcast, no. 73, features the music of iamthemorning, including telling and revealing interviews with the lead singer as well as with Colin Edwin (guest bassist).

When Reeves asks about the future of Porcupine Tree, Edwin answers: well, we never talked about ending, and we’ve never talked about beginning away.  As Reeves concluded, ah, you’re the perfect politician.



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