The Tangent return with a few steps down a new road..

Anger and frustration spilling over into the new Tangent work.

An insight into the new Tangent project, given a spring 2017 release date, has been launched, showing the next progression in The Tangent’s journey.

Rising Nationalism and Empirical rhetoric with flag beating patriotism are at the forefront of a major political upheaval in the UK with the recent decision to ‘Brexit’ from Europe – and now these are the subject of the latest release from The Tangent – ‘A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road’.

Songwriter Andy Tillison has shaped these events into a spikey, snarly, progressive epic which deals with the recent events with all the very best of his political song writing prowess.. pulling no punches. What we have here is 19 minutes of political storytelling, mixing familiar flavours of The Tangent and Po90 and a dose of Tillison’s own punk roots.

What Tillison does do effectively is take the rhetoric of the times , twists it and spits it out angrily in mock reiteration – “It’s all ours” and “why can’t we fly the flag?”

With an impressive cast of Tangent regulars the sound is polished and hard-edged with superb performances all round. The weight and might of Reingold’s bass coupled with the blistering guitar from Machin provide the meat on the bones of this track with Theo Travis providing both screaming sax and delicate flute layering. Perhaps most impressive is the return to form for Tillison who has not long recovered from a serious heart condition. Sounding better than ever, he delivers with passion, like a man reborn. There is no doubt that this is the sound of a new Tangent, and an exciting proposition it is…

 To grab a first listen – check out the band’s new video

The Tangent – A few steps down the wrong road


Soon to be released on Inside Out… for more information see the band’s website at:



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