Big Big Train, ‘Folklore’


Big Big Train was founded around 1990 and existed primarily as the studio project of Greg Spawton and Andy Pool until 2009, at which point they largely stabilized a band lineup (‘stabilize’ being a relative term).  Starting with their sixth album, The Underfall Yard, they began to enjoy some acclaim in the progressive rock community.  In 2012, they released the first part of a double album, English Electric Part I, which was followed a year later by English Electric Part II.  This move was not only super-proggy, but smart, as it also encouraged extra sales for the second album.

With EE parts I and II, BBT set themselves an incredibly high standard. The music and lyrics on both albums were superb and they combined melody and complexity to a degree that few bands have been able to do.  Because of this, expectations were high for their latest…

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