Wonderful News about Iamthemorning

This, from our great friend, Brian Rocha, and Fresno Media:

“Lighthouse” out now on Kscope
LONDON, U.K. – Russian progressive duo iamthemorning has won the prestigious ‘Album of the Year Award’ for its latest Kscope album release, Lighthouse. The award was presented to the band last night at Prog Magazine’s fifth annual Progressive Music Awards in London. The ceremony took place at the world famous Underglobe beneath Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
“This was definitely a night to remember,” commented vocalist Marjana Semkina upon receiving the award. “We were of course very excited about attending as it is a great chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new people – some of the finest people of Prog, I should say! And that’s it, we never even thought we’d get the award.
“The nominees in our category are all so amazing, some of them are our good friends too, and it feels generally awkward to sneak the award from them, because every single one of them deserves it. But we are of course really happy and humbled, it is such a great honor for us to actually win, and it’s so inspiring. Big thanks to our team of engineers that put all their time into this project – Marcel van Limbeek, Gianluca Capacchione and Vlad Avy, as well as people that contributed their amazing musicianship, including Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin and Mariusz Duda, this whole thing wouldn’t be possible with all of them. We hope that more than anything it will give us a chance to actually start playing Europe properly, but for now I can’t wait to start working on the next album!”
In addition to the ‘Album of the Year Award,’ iamthemorning has also revealed the official music video to its track, “Libretto Horror,” taken from Lighthouse, on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gFMg2vvLCKw. A live performance of the song from St. Petersburg, Russia’s Aleksandrinksy Theater can also be viewed at https://youtu.be/iLPM8EH767Y.
Lighthouse released via Kscope earlier in 2016, following up the band’s 2014 album Belighted and was described by Prog Magazine as “life affirming, beautiful, heavenly – a monumental album.”
As with Belighted, the engineering and mixing on Lighthouse is handled by Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos) and self-produced by Gleb and Marjana. The album also features guest musicians Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) on drums, Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) on bass and additional vocals on the album’s title track by Mariusz Duda (Lunatic Soul, Riverside).
Lighthouse is a rich and eclectic album with echoes of classical music, the Canterbury scene, northern folk, jazz and electronic sounds. Featuring a story of the progression of mental illness, the album takes the listener through the stages with the story’s central character, her attempts to fight it, and temporal remission leading to a final breakdown. Lyrically, the works and lives of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath inspire the album.
Recorded across London, Moscow & St Petersburg, the core instrument of the band, the grand piano, was recorded in Mosfilm Studios Moscow, one of the largest and oldest studios in Russia. Founded in 1920, Mosfilm is renowned for recording orchestras for soundtracks for the most famous Soviet-era films, including works by Tarkovsky and Eisenstein.
The album artwork for Lighthouse was created by watercolor artist Constantine Nagishkin who the band has previously collaborated with before.
Lighthouse is available digitally now on iTunes at:
http://smarturl.it/LIGHTHOUSE_DIGITAL and on CD, LP (with MP3 download code) through the Kscope webstore at: www.kscopemusic.com/store.
1. I Came Before the Water (pt. I)
2. Too Many Years
3. Clear Clearer
4. Sleeping Pills
5. Libretto Horror
6. Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda)
7. Harmony
8. Matches
9. Belighted
10. Chalk and Coal
11. I Came Before the Water (pt. II)
12. Post Scriptum
Stay tuned for more information on iamthemorning and Lighthouse, out now on Kscope.
iamthemorning is:
Marjana Semkina – vocals
Gleb Kolyadin – grand piano, keyboards
iamthemorning online:

2 thoughts on “Wonderful News about Iamthemorning

  1. Bryan Morey

    Wow, I’m actually surprised. A big congratulations to Iamthemorning! I honestly thought it would be Haken or BBT, but it is nice to see a smaller group receive some well-deserved attention. I definitely need to give Lighthouse a closer look.

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