I Know What I Like: Fidelia and Marillion

Marillion Album No. 18, FEAR.

Well, it finally arrived.

At least officially.

At exactly 7:00 this evening, I received an email from PledgeMusic notifying me that the new Marillion album, FEAR, was ready for download.  Thanks to the very kind people at BWR PR (yes, Kim!), I’ve had a review copy for a bit.  And, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unlike a number of my allies in the prog world, I actually prefer Hogarth-era Marillion to Fish-era Marillion, though I prefer either to most other music.

As to my Marillion street cred. . . I have friends who love the band more than I do, but not many.  I proudly own all studio albums (usually the special editions) and the live albums as well, and I even have Hogarth’s two diaries.  So, I guess I’m in kind of deep when it comes to my Marillion loyalty and devotion.  No corner shrine yet.  That is still reserved for St. Rose of Lima and St. Maximillian Kolbe.  St. Hogarth?   I’ve had the privilege of writing extensively about BRAVE, AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT, and MARBLES before, but I could definitely devote a bit more of my writing time to Marillion.

Ok, so back to the intent of this rather short post.  The Marillion files I received tonight are so incredibly crisp that I almost feel like I’m listening to a brand new album, not the same one I’d encountered a month or so ago.

Perhaps it’s my mood, perhaps it’s the autumnal equinox, or perhaps something just clicked, but this album is simply mind-boggingly good.  Holy schnikees is it amazing.

As to the Fidelia. . . . the new version of iTunes came out with the new Mac OS, Sierra.  As much as I’m loving Sierra, the new iTunes is driving me even more nuts than the last version.  After Carl Olson introduced me to Fidelia, I’d sworn off iTunes forever.  With the new version, I gave it a try.  Blech.  Then, I played FEAR on Fidelia.  Oh yeah, dear sweet Mother of all that is Holy.  This is what Fidelia was made for.  Sonic and aural perfection.

Thank you, Marillion.  Thank you, Fidelia.

More to come. . . .


3 thoughts on “I Know What I Like: Fidelia and Marillion

  1. Michał

    I’m still waiting to my Marillion until my birthday in October and as I never listen to new music of my few chosen favourite bands before I grab the CD copy, I can’t comment on F.E.A.R. but I have no fear that I will be disappointed:)

    I also own all their studio and official live albums and “prefer Hogarth-era Marillion to Fish-era Marillion, though I prefer either to most other music”. The three albums you mentioned are my favourite of theirs (“Marbles” being number one). I feel the Fish era has stood the test of time less well than the Hogarth era.

    Interestingly, all of my friends who like Marillion MUCH prefer the Hogarth era and most of them don’t even like the first four albums. And my wife hates “Kayleigh”. Oh yes, she probably ranks it as one of the worst things to have ever happened to humanity:)


  2. Michał

    Finally I have my own CD copy of “F.E.A.R” and I absolutely love it. It’s quite uplifting to realize that it is indeed possible to be a hardworking band for almost 40 years, never releaase a sub-par album (despite their steady flow), never pander to old fans’ nostalgia, never do a greatest hits tour, and still be artistically creative and relevant.



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