Album Review: High Spirits — Motivator ★★★★☆

Sometimes, in between the prog epics, you need some straight-up hard rock or heavy metal to cleanse the ol’ palate. Well, here’s a great new old school rock album for you. There’s a terrific garage band vibe to this one. It’s like the guys down the street who jam on weekends suddenly made a totally kickass album. It’s got a nice, slightly underproduced sound. A touch of raggedness gives the feel of authenticity to the whole exercise.

You know the only reason these guys are playing these songs is because they love to rock. In just thirty minutes — no muss, no fuss — they get the job done: they rock your socks off. I must say this album, while obviously harkening back to an earlier era of uncomplicated rock and roll, is nonetheless a refreshing surprise. It’s as real as it gets.

Enjoy this revival of 70s guitar rock at your leisure, because it’s guaranteed to put you in high spirits. With Motivator, these dudes have recorded their best album yet.

[H/T to Angry Metal Guy for getting the word out on this one.]


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