Some Random Prog Thoughts

Press play.  Repeat.  Thank you, Glass Hammer.

My apologies for being so quiet for a bit now.  After the great visit by the Reverend John Simms and his beautiful bride, Jude, I’ve been working on tons of things not directly related to music or to progarchy.  Mostly classes and lecturing, but quite a bit of traveling as well.

Yet, at the back of everything, prog keeps reminding me what matters most in the world–hearth, home, kids, my students, beauty, truth, and goodness.

I’ve been rather obsessed with a few albums through the first third of this academic semester: Glass Hammer’s VALKYRIE; Marillion’s FEAR; and SAND’s SLEEPER.  If you’ve not gotten these yet, please do so.  They have  been in constant rotation.

Also, some neat news for the future.  First, the mighty and magnificent Tom Woods and I will be doing an hour show soon, discussing the state of prog.  Tom, if you don’t know him, runs one of the most famous podcasts in the U.S.  He’s also just a brilliant and fantastic person.  Such an honor to be his friend.

Second, my wife and I have been brainstorming about epublishing–we’re hoping to put together reviews, articles, etc., at minimal cost but maximum convenience.  I’ll definitely keep you updated on where we’re going with it.  All rather exciting.

As a side note, you might have heard that Jeff Wagner, the true master of progressive metal, just got engaged.  Congratulations, Jeff!

As an additional side note, when my wife and I first met, the Cure was about as proggy as she got.  She’s now a rather determined prog listener.  Neal Morse, especially.

Writing of which–make sure you preorder the new Neal Morse Band album as well as the new Fire Garden.  And, we have a new Tears for Fears coming and some Big Big Train. . . .

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