Queen — “We Will Rock You” (Fast version)

It’s been on live albums before, but here’s a version from Queen’s last BBC sessions of the 70s: “We Will Rock You” done faster than usual.

Queen on Air: The Complete BBC Sessions will be released on Nov. 4 in a double-disc CD edition, triple-disc vinyl, digital or a deluxe six-disc package with extra performances and interviews.

Session 1:
1. My Fairy King
2. Keep Yourself Alive
3. Doing All Right
4. Liar
Session 2:
5. See What A Fool I’ve Been
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Liar
8. Son And Daughter
Session 3:
9. Ogre Battle
10. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll
11. Great King Rat
12. Son And Daughter

CD 2
Session 4:
1. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll
2. Nevermore
3. White Queen (As It Began)
Session 5:
4. Now I’m Here
5. Stone Cold Crazy
6. Flick Of The Wrist
7. Tenement Funster
Session 6:
8. We Will Rock You
9. We Will Rock You (Fast)
10. Spread Your Wings
11. It’s Late
12. My Melancholy Blues

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