Please Support Dave Kerzner

Dave Kerzer, one extremely artistic man.

Kerzner is seeking Kickstarter pledges:

Here’s a brand new 75+ minute album (the length of a double album) of Progressive Rock you can get for as low as $10 (or $20 with an exclusive bonus only available on Kickstarter). If you like bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Radiohead and Sound of Contact (my band with Simon Collins) then just watch the video where I talk about and play music from my new album “Static” here:…/static-a-progressive-rock-alb…

Less than 9 days to join to get the exclusive extras and a glimpse behind the scenes during the making of the album all the way up through our performance on Yes’s Cruise To The Edge (including updates from CTTE itself with Steve Hackett, Nick D’Virgilio, Billy Sherwood and more!)


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