6 thoughts on “God bless, Kate Bush

      1. Kate Bush. One of the most amazing voices in popular music. A true gift. She did challenge artist orthodoxy and she should be commended for it. The Left will eat anyone alive who dares to question its authority. The Left if, by definition and action, totalitarian.


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  1. carleolson

    Feminine genius. As I wrote a while back here on Progarchy about Hounds of Love: “If Mr. Mister was producing sophisticated, sparkling art-rock, Kate Bush was busy producing sophisticated, sparkling, weird, daring, and mind-melting prog-pop-art-rock. Bush had already established herself as a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter, but with Hounds of Love she took everything to another world. I didn’t start really listening to Bush until the early ’90s, and perhaps it’s just as well; I’m not sure I could have wrapped my head around songs such as “Running Up That Hill” and “Cloudbusting” (“You’re like my yo-yo/That glowed in the dark/What made it special /Made it dangerous”) in my teens. Like so much of Bush’s music, it’s an album that transports. Bush is one of those remarkable musicians who can create an entire world, and then convey it without compromising at all. Every time I listen to this album, I have to brace myself a bit, as it is like stepping into an alternate universe. If Sinatra makes you believe he is singing to you, Bush can make you believe she is singing right through you.”



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