Ian Thornley & Big Wreck just keep better & better…

One of my favorite albums of 2016 (full list coming soon!) is Ian Fletcher Thornley’s stunning “Secrets”, which came out in late 2015 and has been a part of my listening rotation since I first heard it. Thornley—who is a remarkable vocalist. virtuoso guitarist, accomplished songwriter, etc.—has been producing a significant amount of good music in recent years, including Big Wreck’s exceptional “Albatross”—one of my favorites of 2012—and 2014’s excellent “Ghosts”. Early 2017 (February 4th) will see the release of “Grace Street”. The first two singles/songs are already available, and one of them is a “must hear” for fans of top-notch, guitar-oriented instrumental rock. Clocking in at just over 7 minutes, “Skybunk Marché” has hints of Satriani, Jeff Beck, and Rush, with three guitars rollicking with precise abandon through a variety of keys and movements:

To get a better sense of who’s playing what, watch the band play the song live (9:45 mark):

The last song in the Dunlop Sessions (above), titled “Come Again”, features the sort of searing, beautifully constructed solo that Thornley turns out on a regular basis. Can’t wait to hear this entire album, which promises to be one of the best of 2017.


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