Susie Bogdanowicz: Best Female Vocalist, 2016

Susie Bogdanowicz

Dear Progarchists,

Prog Magazine, led by the ever-amazing Jerry Ewing, has asked for a vote of the best of 2016 in a variety of categories.  The Prog Readers Poll, as Ewing describes it:

Here’s your chance to vote in the Prog 2016 Readers’ Poll.  2016 might not be year many of us will remember too findlay, for a variety of reasons. But music is the great leveller, and in music we all seek the great escape. Having just compiled our Critics’ Choice album of the year list, and casting an eye back over the past 12 months, then maybe 2016 did have something going for it… There were great new albums from Marillion, Opeth,Big Big Train, iamthemorning, Radiohead and more. Vibrant gigs from Haken, Public Service Broadcasting, Dream Theater and others. And new arrivals on the scene like Kylver, The Anchoress, Teramaze. Oh, and some blokes called Anderson Rabin Wakeman… Maybe 2016 wasn’t too bad after all… So who made your 2016 a real prog rocker? Let us know – you can fill in the form on Page 25 of the current issue of Prog. or you can e-mail us your picks for the following categories. Use the subject Line ‘Readers’ Poll 2016′, and e-mail your choices to

We’ve never (and I’ve never) done anything like this before, but I ask that you consider voting for Susie Bogdanowicz of Glass Hammer as BEST FEMALE VOCALIST.  I’ve been praising her vocals for well over a decade now, and I find that she simply gets better and better, though I did not think this possible when I first heard her voice.  Her lead vocals on this year’s VALKYRIE by Glass Hammer are nothing less than astounding.  Indeed, I consider her the single best voice in all of rock (in every form) today.

In case you’re in doubt, however, I’ll let you decide for yourself.  Here she is, singing a prog classic.

Dare I note, she’s even better than the original vocalist!  Heresy, I know.  Still, proof as well that Bogdanowicz deserves best female prog vocalist of 2016.

Thanks!  Yours, Brad


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