Remembering Big Country

The band’s second album, 1984

For better or worse, I never followed Big Country closely after the band’s first three albums.  Overall, I liked STEELTOWN (1984) better than I liked THE CROSSING (1983), but I definitely liked both.

By the time THE SEER (1986) came out, I felt as though the band was repeating itself.  And, yet, the title track of the album is as good as anything else the band did.  Outstanding, really.  Though, I’m sure that Kate Bush’s vocals didn’t hurt my view of the song!

When these guys were good, they were REALLY good.  A few of my favorites from the first three albums:

7 thoughts on “Remembering Big Country

  1. nufctj

    I have to say that I was very happy to see this post. 15 years since Stuart Adamson took his own life. This band has always been dear to my heart and they are a huge part of what I call the Big 5. U2, Big Country, Simple Minds, The Alarm, and the Waterboys (The Call is just on the periphery). These five bands shaped me.

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      1. nufctj

        For the Alarm the albums Declaration, Strength and Eye of the Hurricane are their best. I also have an EP they released in America before they released Declaration that is very good. The song Howling Wind on Declaration is one of my favorites. Notice use of the e-bow.

        Also here is a great article that captures a lot of what was going on with these bands in that exciting time.

        I saw the Waterboys as the opening act for U2 in Detroit on the opening leg of the Unforgettable Fire tour. Never saw Big Country live.

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