Christmas greetings from Big Big Train!

Greg Spawton,  David Longdon, Andy Poole and all the others in Big Big Train posted this on X-mas eve. ☺

Christmas Message from Big Big Train

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and to thank you for your continued support for the band over the last year. It goes without saying (but it can't be said enough) that we wouldn't be able to release music and videos and play gigs without the support of listeners across the world who take the trouble to spend some time with our music. Every time a listener buys a CD or an LP or a download or a concert ticket or some merchandise or streams our music it generates income which helps to pay our bills and enables the band to continue. And your support in spreading the word by talking about us to others and mentioning us on forums and reviewing our releases on Amazon and other sites helps us to grow. So thank you from all of us for what you do.

As you may have gathered, we have been extremely busy in the last few weeks finishing a new album which will be released in April next year. We will be working over Christmas to get things completed in time for mixing in January. The album started as an EP, then, as we found we had written a lot of new songs, we thought we'd make a companion album to Folklore, and then it grew still further into something which stands entirely on its own as a new studio album but which also (we hope) will act as a kind of summary of all that we have tried to achieve since we released The Underfall Yard in 2009.

After the release of the album in April, we will start preparing for our biggest gigs yet which will take place at Cadogan Hall in London in late September and early October. We also hope to be able to announce some news during next year of our first shows in mainland Europe and in the States which, if things go to plan, will take place in 2018.

So, hopefully, there will be a busy and productive time ahead for us in the next couple of years. This is important as, if we have learnt anything at all over recent months it is to be busy and active in music as much as we can whilst things are going well (to make hay whilst the sun shines.) And it is true to say that too often recently there have been cloudy skies over the rock music world. Whether it has been the untimely deaths of some of the greatest and most influential artists or the loss of some of the best and most important music magazines, things have not been good. We do hope that 2017 will prove to be a less difficult year than 2016.

Merry Christmas

Andy, Danny, Dave, David, Greg, Nick, Rachel and Rikard.
Big Big Train


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