4 thoughts on “PROG is Back!

  1. This is fantastic news!!! Do we know whether it will be an on-line magazine or will it be back in actual hard-copy print form? Has the new publisher been named? What a great New Year gift.


  2. Raymond Reece

    I was taken for a full two year subscription when Video Watchdog went under – no refund. Before I re-subscribe for me or friends, I want to know what is going on. Is this a temp thing? Did someone bail out the magazine? As much as I like Prog, I’m hesitant concerning subscriptions at this point.


    1. Bryan Morey

      Here is an article right from the horse’s mouth: http://teamrock.com/news/2017-01-09/classic-rock-metal-hammer-and-prog-rescued-as-former-owner-future-steps-in

      It seems they are honoring subscriptions. My subscription was set to run out a couple days ago, but I never did get the December issue that released in November (I’m in the US, so I always got them later). I have no clue if I’ll be getting another issue or not. Such great news, though!



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