It’s Alive!!!! Jerry Ewing’s WONDEROUS STORIES has Landed

Photo on 4-26-18 at 1.10 PM #3

Third time’s charm. . . or, so says the wisdom of old wives.  Just moments ago–after two shipping mishaps–my personal copy of Jerry Ewing’s WONDEROUS STORIES arrived safe and sound at progarchy HQ.  I’m just about to take the cellophane off and enjoy some true beauty.

Thank you, Jerry, master of all that is prog.

To check out the official progarchist review of Ewing’s masterpiece, go here (thank you, Rick!).

To order Ewing’s masterpiece in the U.S., click here.

TeamRock Gets Louder

And, so it begins. . . –Kosh

Jerry Ewing, the fearless and beloved leader of the world of prog, has just announced that what was TeamRock has become Louder.  The rebranding comes as the various members of TeamRock fear that labels such as prog and metal have become too exclusive and narrowing for a younger generation of listeners.

To read the full explanation, go here.  Regardless, we wish Ewing all the best, as always.


Nominate Alison Reijman and Susie Bogdanowicz–PROG

Jerry Ewing’s PROG magazine has put a call out for nominations for this year’s READERS’ POLL.  Here’s the handy-dandy link: PROG READERS’ POLL 2017.

Make sure you follow the directions for the email: “To vote, copy the categories below and e-mail us with the subject line ‘Readers’ Poll 2017’ to”

I have proudly sent in my nominations, but I would like to encourage you to consider two specific folks for nomination.

Unsung Heroes.  Alison and Martin Reijman.

First, please consider nominating our own (well, she’s her own!) Alison Reijman as the “Unsung Hero.”  I have known Alison–only through the internet and correspondence; sadly, never in person–for years now, and I can state that I know of no other person not directly employed by a record label, a PR firm, or a magazine dealing with PROG who has promoted the genre more than Alison has.  She not only loves the music and the musicians, but she, herself, is a lovely, lovely person.  She exemplifies, at least to my mind, all that is best in our strange but delightful little corner of the cultural world.  She’s brilliant, free-spirited, spontaneous, tenacious, and exceedingly generous and kind.

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Nice Looking Arrivals at Progarchy HQ

Several new arrivals at Progarchy HQ in Michigan.  Thank you so much to the good companies and artists for sending these!  We’re honored you would trust us.  May we continue to earn that trust.


From AFL (California): Yurki Volodarsky’s RTFact’s LIFE IS GOOD.
mts from bem
From the U.K. (Bad Elephant Music): My Tricksy Spirit’s MY TRICKSY SPIRIT.
prog 80
PROG Issue 80.

Big Big Train–What’s Next? I Have No Idea.

bbt_railway_logoI would assume that almost every reader of progarchy was surprised today by the announcement that Big Big Train would be releasing a new album in less than 48 hours. The band rightly offered PROG magazine an exclusive announcement as well as a link to one of the songs.

I’ve only criticized PROG once and that was when the magazine featured Steven Wilson on the cover rather than BBT. I think. In fact, I might have a few details mixed up in my head. This would’ve been back in 2013 when ENGLISH ELECTRIC FULL POWER came out. I was convinced then–and remain so–that EEFP was NOT just a “game changer” in the music world, but a defining point for all of rock. I thought that Ewing and PROG had lost a great opportunity to make history by placing BBT on the cover.

Well. . . I guess I was being a bit goofy at the time. After all, it’s Jerry’s magazine, not mine! After that criticism, I decided never to criticize the magazine publicly. After all, I’m writing for fun, not to keep afloat a magazine and a business. Hail, Jerry!

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Seasons, Jimi Hendrix, and the Virgin: Jammin’ in the Kingdom with Chris Cornell

And I’m lost, behind
The words I’ll never find
And I’m left behind
As seasons roll on by

Thus far, 2017 has been a rather amazing year when it comes to rock and prog.  PROG magazine is back and better than ever.  Thank the Good Lord for Jerry Ewing.

The music releases–already and forthcoming–this year are nothing less than stunning.  Big Big Train has released the finest of the band’s career, and The Tangent’s new release has yet to come.  Steven Wilson is coming out with a progressive pop album, and newspaperflyhunting and Bjorn Riis have, as with BBT, released the best thing either’s written and done, thus far in their respective careers.  There’s a new Anathema that is pretty good, and Steve Hogarth seems, at the moment, unstoppable with Marillion as well as with Isildur’s Bane.

Now I want to fly above the storm
But you can’t grow feathers in the rain
And the naked floor is cold as hell
This naked floor reminds me
Oh the naked floor reminds me

As I type this (having just returned from a conference on libertarian thought in 1840’s France), I have just received in the mail two grand packages.  The first I opened is Steven Wilson’s remix of Jethro Tull’s SONGS FROM THE WOODS.  The second is Aryeon’s signed five-disk ear-book, THE SOURCE.  Honestly, I’m not sure how to react with anything that would be regarded as decorous.  I’m a 13-year old boy, at the moment, just having had my first listen of MOVING PICTURES.

Holy schnikees.

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PROG Magazine Issue 74

IMG 2.jpg
For better or worse, the latest issue of PROG is just slightly too big for my scanner to handle it all.  Ian would be proud, I’m sure.

I suppose it seems a bit silly for me to state the following.  After all, who I am–a goofy, middle-aged American professor and historian?

Still, when PROG issue 74 showed up in my post box today, I was both thrilled and proud.  Yes, the proud part is the silliness.  Does Jerry Ewing need me to be proud of him?  Well, I am.

After everything PROG has gone through over the past three months, how great is it that I get issue 74 only days after it’s released.  Under the previous company, it took about a month for each issue to get here (in the states).  In fact, issue 73 just showed up this past weekend.  Now, 74 is already here.


And, it looks gorgeous.  Jethro Tull, Tim Bowness, The Mute Gods, ARW, Dream Theater, and Blackfield are all covered.  And, best of all, Greg Spawton shows up on page 10 and Andy Tillison and Matt Cohen on page 11.  Call me a very happy fanboy.

Congratulations, Jerry!  You are our leader.  No question.

Congratulations, Jerry Ewing


Yesterday, I received in email, a copy of PROG’s history of Pink Floyd.

Today, I received notice that PROG magazine issue 73 is ready for iPad download.  And, downloaded it is.

So proud of Jerry.  He took his team of writers, editors, and artists from tragedy to success.

Jerry is, to say the least, nothing if not tenacious.

Welcome back, PROG.  Very proud of you.  Not surprised, but certainly proud.