The 10 most influential bassists, by Nick Beggs

Nick Beggs recently named his 10 most influential bassists and here are his top three:


“Fronting up a band as a bass player and vocalist is a tough gig –  one with which I’ve had some experience. Geddy shows how it should be done. In a power trio, every little helps and additional duties on bass pedals, double-neck guitar and synths made for a fulsome sound in his stadium filling band Rush.”


“Also often cited as the most influential player ever, his approach to Jazz and the fretless instrument was ground breaking. It’s hard to find someone Jaco didn’t influence. The 80s music charts were populated with hits featuring many Jaco clones – and for good reason.”


“My biggest musical influence ever. His sound and tone inspired a legion of players. Chris’ own inspirations were Paul McCartney and John Entwistle, two players who probably influenced more than most. But for me, Chris will always be top of the list. Sorely missed.”

One thought on “The 10 most influential bassists, by Nick Beggs

  1. Haha,well………..although I read countless articles,comments and so forth,regarding the TOP bassist and/or MOST “Influential”……….Geddy is usually at #1 on MOST of those lists!!! When many ask WHY that is? Well………seems like Mr. Beggs did a fair job of describing WHY!!! Cuz I don’t know about YOU,but I NEVER EVER see such a MASTER at playing the BASS………….let ALONE,Singing……….AND…….playing keyboard…………AND……..working NUMEROUS foot-pedals……..ALL within the SAME FREAKIN SONG!!! I mean…………C’MON!!! If that isn’t freaking BRILLIANCE as a musician,then Your judging way,WAAAAAY too hard!!! Lol. 😉



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