Damian Wilson News

I’m not privy as to the reasons why this happened, of course, but it makes me terribly sad.

It doesn’t get much better than Wilson-fronted Threshold in this world of sorrows.

Threshold’s last three albums (2 studio and 1 live) have been some of the best in rock history, frankly.



Damian Wilson’s statement regarding the departure from Threshold:

Unfortunately this is not a mutual decision, but I respect it. After I had recorded the album and committed to the tour I was informed that Threshold were going to continue on without me. They have every right to make this choice, although it is difficult to part ways with a group of people you’ve shared so many experiences with.
I really enjoyed the past decade recording and touring with Threshold and wish them all the best for the future, with the hope we might work again on projects somewhere down the line.
The label Nuclear Blast are amazing, and with the wonderful support of the fan base the whole journey of being the frontman for Threshold has been fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Damian Wilson News

  1. Bryan Morey

    I’m not the biggest Threshold fan, but Wilson has a great voice. Firing him would be like Haken firing Ross Jennings or Dream Theater firing James Labrie, both of which I hope never happen. All have unique voices integral to the sound of their bands. Very strange indeed.



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