Review: Hyaena – Existence


When trying to play technical death metal, so many bands fail at being anything more than just the subject for comedic reviews by Internet dwelling elitists. It seems as though most bands out there that fall into redundancy don’t put out albums as such, but exercises in excess. Whether trying to be as brutal as possible, or as fast and technical as possible, bands just forget how to write a song. Of course, for all of the excess that is generated by bands these days, something good has to come of it, right? Well, yes. For all of the barrier breaking brutality that modern death metal practitioners have released, tasteful or not, it leaves room for the few with a little more self-control to harness these ideas and craft something brilliant. Hyaena’s debut full-length is one such example of this.

On Existence, Hyaena utilise huge walls of dissonance and blistering riffs to create an album that is both crushing and unusually melodic. The riffing on this album lies somewhere between the dense texture of The Contortionist, and the off-kilter technicality of Gorguts, though it never sounds purely derivative of these influences. The huge sound is mostly attributed to the highly contrapuntal and busy form of riffing which the guitarists display, as much of the low end chugging and temolo picking is accompanied by droning higher pitched notes and fluttery riffs.


What is most apparent throughout the album is the immense talent that all members of the band show, though their display of technical proficiency is never mindless. The powerhouse trio of drummer Christophe and guitarists Alex and Jimmy are a force to be reckoned with. All of the swirling dissonance sent forth by the guitars, is complemented by fantastic cymbal work and a large variety of relentless beat and double bass patterns.

Further adding to the intensity, and often times the feeling of unease throughout the album, is vocalist Virgile. Most of his vocals range from a harsh mid-range, to a high pitch screech, to perfect cleans, though really they are just all over the place; matching the ever changing riffs. Between all of the members, a thick and harsh texture is created, and along with the ballistic approach to song writing, absolute cacophony is achieved.

Cacophonous song writing can be both good and bad though, as when the intensity never seems to let up, it can become a tiring listen, as this album sometimes does. Thankfully it seems as though by the end of the album, Hyaena had matured a little more and the last few songs display a more flowing and well thought-out structure; a slight reprieve for those who have been relentlessly pummelled for the bulk of the album.

Existence is a fantastic example of dense and crushing music, carried out by brilliant musicians. Undeniably harsh and intense, this is definitely an album and band worth your time.

The album is available for pre-order here.

One thought on “Review: Hyaena – Existence

  1. carleolson

    Nick: I am not a fan of death metal at all, but this is a really well-written review; I enjoyed reading it, even though I’m not sure I’ll check out the album. Thanks!



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