An Important Note for Progarchy Readers

Dear Progarchy Readers,

Just FYI–because of changes in WordPress well beyond our control, nearly 5,000 of you lost your registration to this site about two weeks ago.  I’m terribly sorry.

If you’d like to sign back up as “followers,” we’d be grateful.  If you don’t, however, we certainly don’t blame you!  What a screwup.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.09.53 PM

Anyway, I’ve received a number of emails asking me if, for some reason, this or that person was intentionally kicked off the site.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Not a single person was kicked off or restricted.  Whatever else we are, we’re dedicated to free speech and free debate.  Keep your language PG-13, and you’re in!  Say what you want and what you will. is a free-speech, libertarian republic, bordering on anarchy.  Free minds, free markets, free will.

Yours, Brad (ed)

3 thoughts on “An Important Note for Progarchy Readers

  1. I take it there’s nothing WordPress can do to reinstall subscribers? That bought back bitter memories of FB making changes and losing a great community page i had set up with a couple of thousand members who loved Rock Progressivo Italiano. lost the whole page, and they could do nothing to bring it back up again. It’s a fickle finger of fate these guys have at their disposal.

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    1. Paul, it has something to do with my account, I think, as progarchy and storm fields are both registered on my name/account–both had the exact same problem on the exact same day. Fickle to be sure!

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