The Return of the King …

… Crimson, that is.  From Discipline Global Mobile:

“King Crimson will be returning to America later this year. The dates see the group performing in some states and cities that have not been visited in a while. Atlanta in Georgia, for example, last had live Crimson music in 2001, while Texas has experienced something of an epic Crimson drought since 1974, not counting ProjeKct Three’s week-long residency in the Lone Star state during March 1999.  The dates posted today on the tours page are as follows.”
19 Oct Bass Performance Hall, Austin
21 Oct Music Hall, Dallas
23 Oct Center Stage, Atlanta
24 Oct Center Stage, Atlanta
26 Oct Duke Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, Raleigh
28 Oct Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C.
29 Oct Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C.
31 Oct New Jersey Performing Arts Centre, Newark
02 Nov Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia
03 Nov Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia
06 Nov Orpheum Theatre, Boston
08 Nov The Egg, Albany
09 Nov The Egg, Albany
11 Nov Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown
17 Nov Beacon Theatre, New York
18 Nov Beacon Theatre, New York
22 Nov Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor
24 Nov Hard Rock Cafe, Cleveland
26 Nov Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee

“Purchase details will follow.”


Speaking of Crimson droughts, the band last played anywhere in Michigan in 2003, with the last Ann Arbor gig in 1995.  Of course, I have an unavoidable conflict on November 22 (which is also Thanksgiving Eve).  Ah, well, I’ll always have the Chicago Theatre …


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