Colin Tench, RIP

Colin Tench
Taken from Tony Romero’s Facebook Page (hope you don’t mind, Tony!)


I just found that Colin Tench–Colin Tench Project, Corvus Stone, etc.–has passed away.  It looks like he died on December 29.  I didn’t know Colin personally, but when we founded  progarchy back in the fall of 2012, he was one of the first two or three major musicians to take us seriously.  I could not–nor would I–ever forget something like that.  When you’re just coming of age, it means everything to know that those you respect are willing to let you play in the playground.  And, not just tolerate your presence, but welcome you as an equals.

There are others at progarchy who could speak much better and more eloquently about his music, but it was clear to me that Colin valued his independence, having no time for conformity or uniformity or much of what passes as culture in our tapioca whirligig of a world.  He cared, first and foremost, about the art and about those who practiced the art and those who recognized the art for what it was.

I did have the privilege of emailing with Colin several times.  I found, even in our brief correspondence, that he was as hilarious as he was humble.  One of my favorite moments in being an editor at progarchy came when Colin sent us a review copy of CORVUS STONE II.  One look at the cover, and I replied, “Holy Moses, Colin, now I’m going to have to go to Confession!”  We both laughed at that over a couple of emails.

I have no idea what Colin’s religious beliefs (if any) were, but I pray that he is happy now, resting in peace eternal, or, perhaps, more given his nature, dancing and performing happily in peace eternal.  Earth’s loss is, to be sure, Heaven’s gain.

RIP, Colin.  You clearly did everything to use the outrageous gifts God gave you, not for yourself, but for the good of creation itself.  No one can do more in this fallen world.

7 thoughts on “Colin Tench, RIP

  1. Bryan Morey

    Oh my gosh, this is horrible news. RIP Colin. I got to know him a little bit via email, and I always enjoyed interacting with him. He was a great musician and a wonderful person. He was incredibly supportive of Prograchy. Wow. My best wishes to his family and all the great musicians that worked with him.

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  2. Saddened to hear this, and yes, rest well, Colin. The last time we spoke was on the 22nd of December and how he was feeling relieved and excited his new album was completed and ready to put out into the world. A wonderful, fellow Prog lover and musician and friend who will be missed.



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