Giancarlo Erra’s NOSOUND Update. And, it’s good. Very, very good.

Erra’s view.

There’s not enough space in the world to praise the efforts and successes of Giancarlo Erra.  If you hit the tag “Nosound” on this post, you’ll see what I mean.  We write about Erra a lot, as he never is uninteresting.

The new direction of Nosound sounds wonderful (as described in his post, below), and I’m more than eager to see where Erra takes the band.

Over the last several years, he has progressed from a rather Floydian vision to a rather Mark Hollis-ian vision of music.  I’m guessing–but I do not know–that he’s moving toward an even more minimalist vision, perhaps something akin to Arvo Part.

The following appeared from Erra on social media 12 hours ago:

This second hand piano arrived in my studio a few years ago got a very central role in the 2018 Nosound new album, as it helped me expanding my writing boundaries far beyond what I did before.

After much work and some debate cover artwork has been decided, and as usual when the right idea arrived then it made itself quite obvious & fitting (as it was made specifically for this album some time ago).

Title as well has been confirmed, for the first time the working one of the last few months remained as the final title of the album.

There are 10/12 tracks that will probably make to the final tracklist, plus a whole lot of material old and new to be added to the things to come back at a later stage.

Demos and preproduction are now almost all finalised and we’re organising final recordings and overdubs..very excited, this one is a very bold and experimental affair! We also have two videos ready..

Early listeners reacted in very enthusiastic and surprised ways, and I can’t wait to start soon playing it to journalists panels and talk with Kscope and AMF Music Publishing about future plans for it.

We’re also talking about a pre-release gig to be done in Italy, and then we hope to bring it live across rest of Europe.

Stay tuned, more news soon as we approach the final stages of the shaping process for Nosound 7th studio album, and this time less than 2 years after the last one as promised!


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