Album Review: Magick Touch, “Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire”

We’re only halfway into the first month of the new year, and already a solid, superfun metal release is with us. On January 5, the awesome new album from Magick Touch was released: “Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire.”

I learned a hilarious new genre term from Angry Metal Guy’s review of the disc: “DAD METAL.”

LOL! If you are like me, then you’ll say: excellent, dude! Bring on the old school!

This album is pure undiluted fun, and it’s totally guaranteed to lift your spirits on any down day.

Check out the (for me) especially standout tracks: “The Great Escape” (video below, complete with chains), the AOR adrenaline-fused “Believe in Magick,” the slick metal odyssey “Siren Song,” and the magnificent “After the Fire” (which is perhaps my fave headbanger here).

Who says you can’t travel back in time? It’s worth the trip! Especially if you’re a time lord on a quest for the best “dad metal” currently available before the March release of the new Judas Priest album.

Prog fans will note the running time of the title track, which concludes the album: 6:18. Yeah, baby!

2 thoughts on “Album Review: Magick Touch, “Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire”

  1. Lol. Wow………..that song/video TRULY DEFINES the phrase “Dad-Metal”!!! Haha………the kind of song where You haphazardly make it through the front-door,home from work on a BUSY Friday evening,and ALL You feel like doing………is heading straight to the Fridge,to grab a COLD one,pop it open,ease back in your recliner,grab the remote to your stereo and HIT the “+” button on the Volume!!!

    Ahhhhh,Yeah Baby…………….sometimes doing THIS,is better than searching for the keys to the DeLorean to take You back to the early 80’s,to visit the well-known club where your buddies used to play at,with their “metal”!!! 😉

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