Steve Hackett Makes Everything Better – Even Things That Are Already Awesome! Orphaned Land’s Latest

You gotta love Prog Magazine. They are always introducing me to new things. Orphaned Land, a band of which I was completely unaware fifteen minutes ago, just released a new album yesterday entitled Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs. Steve Hackett features prominently on the track “Chains Fall to Gravity.” The song loosely reminds me of Hackett’s recent solo output before he even begins playing his guitar solo. The entire song is magnificently epic.

Here’s to hoping that the prog gods shine upon Progarchy and send us a review copy!

4 thoughts on “Steve Hackett Makes Everything Better – Even Things That Are Already Awesome! Orphaned Land’s Latest

    1. Bryan Morey

      Most albums I get for review are digital, particularly here at Progarchy. Over at the Dutch Progressive Rock Page, where I also write, I pick a digital copy from the list about half to 3/4 of the time, with physical copies the other times. Our view over there is that the review copy is a token payment for volunteering our time in support of the genre. Maybe that sounds selfish, but we do put a lot of time into reviewing (roughly ten listens minimum, taking notes, plus the actual writing).

      With that said, if I were to ever solicit a review copy directly from an artist, I would be totally ok with digital (FLAC files preferred, of course). I personally cannot afford every album that piques my interest. I support the bands when I can, but I think I can have more of an impact through writing.

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  1. richierwalker

    Yes, I suspected they were digital files. I don`t think it`s time consuming, don`t you pick an album you suspect would be to your taste. Don`t we all give time listening to a new album?

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the reply, Richie.

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    1. Bryan Morey

      Listening to write a review is definitely a more active listen, for me at least. I usually have music or talk radio playing in the background while I’m doing other things, but I have to really focus when I listen for a review because the artists deserve that respect. About half the time at the DPRP, I choose something completely foreign to me. I find it is a good way to stretch my own musical landscape.

      Thanks for the comments, Richie. I appreciate it.

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