German Experimentalists ART AGAINST AGONY Join Patreon; Asking Support for Album #3


Recently Misha Mansoor (Periphery) shocked the metal community by sharing with the world that he can’t make a living solely from his band.

This is common ground for almost all newer bands of our time, yet what has brought the rapid downfall in CD sales and decline of the music industry — the internet — also presents us with a range of new possibilities to support the bands we love and cherish even stronger than before.

Instrumental progressive metal band Art Against Agony from Germany have produced two albums and two EPs since 2014 and have toured Europe, Russia and South America over the course of the last few years, taking the management and production of the band fully into their own hands.

For the production of their third album Shiva Appreciation Society the project has now joined funding platform Patreon to give their fans a unique opportunity to support the band and become a part of the new production themselves.

From a range of 1€-50€ support, the band is offering anything from a free album until a complete involvement into the production process, being able to give the band feedback about raw tracks during composition and mixing of the album. Additionally, there is a very limited amount of t-shirts available exclusively for the Patreon supporters only!

The third album of the artist collective will be very experimental and progressive, yet one can expect a big focus on the bands Indian percussion player the_maximalist and their piano player the_surgeon, giving both of them a major spotlight.

The band will release their new record in October 2018 and follow up with a European tour, and there is more to come!

Video trailer for the new album Shiva Appreciation Society can be seen below.


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