Second Spring #4: “April 5” by Talk Talk

tt colour of spring
One of the all-time great album covers.  This one, of course, by James Marsh.

I suppose one could accuse me of being just a bit too obvious regarding this fourth installment of Second Spring.  After all, it is April 5.  I even contemplated using another Talk Talk track for this fourth part.  Then, I put “April 5” on, and I realized immediately how right it is for today.  After all, it’s following yesterday’s Big Big Train track, “The Permanent Way.”

Big Big Train is as close to perfect as the world will allow.  Still, Mark Hollis joining BBT would make the band just a bit more perfect. . . .

I’ve had a chance to write about my first encounter with Talk Talk’s COLOUR OF SPRING many times before, and I won’t bore any of you with that story again.  But, it was track number 4, the end of side one, “April 5,” that made me realize back in the spring of 1987 that Talk Talk was the real deal, the true descendent of 1970’s prog.  My library informs me that most folks categorize COLOUR OF SPRING as “alternative.”  Well, to me, it’s straight-up, glorious, genius, contemplative, unabashed prog.

Sometime in the spring of 1988, Kevin McCormick and I vowed to listen to COLOUR OF SPRING every April 5, no matter the circumstances.

Cheers, Kevin!


Past Second Springs:

  1. Kevin McCormick’s “Storm Front.”
  2. The Fierce and the Dead’s “Part I”
  3. Big Big Train, “The Permanent Way”


Inspired by Craig Breaden’s brilliant 104-part Soundstream, I’ve decided to post music that reveals that rock and jazz (and some other forms of music) are not the end of western civilization, but the culmination of western civilization up to this point in time.  A second spring, if you will.

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