Second Spring #5: “One Small Step” by Ayreon

lego ayreon
Lego Ayreon

As much as I love all things Arjen Lucassen, nothing of his has hit me quite as hard as Universal Migrator Part I.  I’m sure it has to do with the fact, in large part, that Ayreon takes the overall story of the blind minstrel from Arthur’s court from high fantasy to high science fiction with this album.  It serves as a wonderful transitional album, essentially moving Lucassen as well as us from Ayreon 1.0 to Ayreon 2.0.

(For what it’s worth, I think we’re living in Ayreon 4.0, but that’s a post for a different time.)

Being born in September 1967, I have often regretted that I was too young to have understood the importance of the first moon landing as it actually happened.  My oldest brother remembers it quite well, and his stories inspire a kind of mystery in me that few other moments can.

From what I’ve heard my brother tell me, Arjen captures the moment just perfectly with “One Small Step.”  And, of course, he incorporates it–with a definite genius–into his larger sci-fi drama, ones that spans lives, worlds, and epochs.

Imagine looking up at the moon, knowing that a fellow human walked upon its surface, and only our porch lights letting the astronaut know how much we admire him.

God bless, Arjen!


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Inspired by Craig Breaden’s brilliant 104-part Soundstream, I’ve decided to post music that reveals that rock and jazz (and some other forms of music) are not the end of western civilization, but the culmination of western civilization up to this point in time.  A second spring, if you will.


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