Talk Talk LAUGHING STOCK 3CD Singles

Let me just admit, I’ve been jealous of my excellent friend, Kevin McCormick (and fellow progarchy editor), for years.  He’s been the proud owner of an original edition of Talk Talk’s special box set of b-sides from LAUGHING STOCK for some time.  The set goes under a variety of names including LAUGHING STOCK CD SINGLES as well as AFTER THE FLOOD set.  I’m guessing that Verve wanted it to be somewhat mysterious.

The cool thing–and remember, CDs were pretty new when this thing first came out 27 ago–is that the three CDs form a complete James Marsh picture.

Each of the 3 CDs has two songs: “After the Flood” and “Myrrhman”; “New Grass” and “Stump”; and “Ascension Day” and “5:09.”  All of these are available on MISSING PIECES, but that wouldn’t come out until seven years after LAUGHING STOCK.  This box set came out at the same time as LAUGHING STOCK.

It goes by several names, but the artist is unmistakable: James Marsh.

I’ve kept my eye open for a copy, knowing, of course, that I would have to get a second-hand one.  I finally found one at a reasonable price on ebay, and I immediately ordered it.  Unfortunately, it took the seller seemingly forever to send it to me (long, long after he had originally promised), but it did finally arrive today!

The CDs are in pristine shape, but the box has seen better days.  Still, even in its decayed state, it’s glorious.  And, now, Kevin, I’m almost as cool as you!  Well, not really.  But, a guy can dream.

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