Return to form: Rush, “Show, Don’t Tell”


On this day in 1989, Rush released Presto.

I will always remember the thrill of hearing the first track, “Show, Don’t Tell.”

Why thrilling? Well, because it sounded to my ears like a return to form, the form of the best Rush, the Rush of the classic Rush years (from 2112 to Moving Pictures).

3 thoughts on “Return to form: Rush, “Show, Don’t Tell”

  1. Ahhh Yes…………”Presto” IS STILL one of my all-time Favorite albums from RUSH!!! “Why?” Most people ask,when I utter that!!! Well……….for one………….I was a senior in high-school when this album came out and as Time Lord explains here………….the ultimate “sound” of it,was just FAR AND ABOVE anything they’ve done since the early 80’s!!!

    I’ll never forget,I immediately JUMPED to get tickets for this concert,as Mr.Big (Haha,all You 90’s and LATER Kids,Don’t even TRY to ask who that is!!!) was opening for them,and being a LOVER of Mr.Big……….I got my tickets and saw them a few months later with my then girlfriend!!! In the meantime…………I think I WORE that CD (yup,music was played on CD-players back then kiddo’s!!!) OUT,by listening to it,every chance I got!!! I loved every song off this album,as each one,SAID something to me!!! Whether it be through Neil’s meaningful lyrics,or Ged’s and Alex’s awesome music-writing!!! But I specifically remember that THIS song (Show don’t Tell) and the song “Warpaint”………were two of my favorites off this album!!! Thanks so much for sharing this Time Lord………….and for bringing back some AWESOME Memories!!! 😉

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  2. kruekutt

    This came out during one of my “fallow fan of Rush” periods — my best friend sent me a cassette of his favorite tracks from Presto & Roll the Bones to keep me up to speed. Counterparts brought me back into the fold again (though not for good — that was Snakes and Arrows), Oddly enough, Roll the Bones now stands as my favorite Rush album — for which revelation I fully expect charges of heresy to descend! (My other faves: Clockwork Angels, Moving Pictures, Counterparts, 2112.)


  3. Every Rush album has something worthwhile, including Presto, which includes more filler than most. That said, the sound quality of their final three studio albums is so awful I can barely stand to listen to them.

    For me, Rush hasn’t released a full album of quality material since Power Windows, but Presto is worth an occasional spin – for the truly dedicated fan, anyway.

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