Neglected Album: Asia – Phoenix


I came across this nice history of Asia, which contains an appropriate appreciation for the most excellent but usually underrated and underestimated Asia album Phoenix:

In 2007 a new album was released, the first since Astra in 1985 by the same line up. Phoenix for me is one of the very best prog stories ever. We all know what prog was like in the early 70s… magic, wonderful, unparalleled music by the very best bands in history. But how many of them were still able to release such a fantastic album some 45 years later? Well, Asia managed that. Phoenix has beautiful and meaningful songs. “An Extraordinary Life” (Wetton’s Carpe Diem motto), “Never Again” and so many more.

The song I was closest to, however, was “Orchard of Mines.” I remember going to my local park in the countryside on New Year’s Day in 2009 and listening to that song with my beloved Sennheiser earphones, whilst enjoying a lovely walk in the snow. I was worried that I had cancer (which luckily later proved not to be the case) and somehow that song gave me the strength to relax and be strong.

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