Phaeton: Sci-Fi Instrumental Prog-Metal Outfit Unleashes Stunning 2018 Debut


Making their debut precisely on our planet’s winter solstice, Phaeton has launched a technically adept set of wicked prog-metal into Earth’s atmosphere for your Saturnalian enjoyment.

Beaming their Bandcamp signal out from the heart of British Columbia’s wilderness, this quartet makes a galactic statement that invites your participatory air guitar and machine-gun drum fills. Like a meteor shower into your living room, you will be surprised by what they unleash through your speakers.

Phaeton is named for the theoretical proto-planet which collided with Ancient
Earth during the Primordial Era. True to their namesake, this badass band makes a devastating impact with their high velocity musical assault.

Phaeton is:
Kevin Thiessen – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
Daniel Airth – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Ferdy Belland – Electric & Fretless Bass
Colin Righton – Drums & Percussion

Usually I find instrumental releases to get quickly boring, but I must say that this unexpectedly awesome release surprised me by holding a solid lock on my interest throughout its perfectly paced 37-minute run time.

If Phaeton ever hooked up with the right vocalist, surely they would conquer the inner atmosphere’s world of prog metal. The musical intelligence evident in these seven blistering tracks is unusual for its depth and perspicacity.

Hearing is believing, so check out the tunes below, and become a believer. This new recommendation is my gift to you, loyal Progarchy reader. Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year!

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