All Time Top Ten Rush Albums Revealed by Podcast



“In our hour of need, we look to Canada for guidance. Canada has brought the world so many wonderful things, for example Martin Short, ice hockey, and Rush. Neil, Alex and Geddy have given us so much over the years, and we thought it was a good time to take a look at their rich discography and count down the greatest albums of their storied career. Resident Prog Boy Adam Sears and the greatest Rush fan on the planet Etan G take over the show for an episode and help us get to the bottom of what makes Rush the band that deserves all of the accolades and fandom they get.” – All Time Top Ten


Listen here:

One thought on “All Time Top Ten Rush Albums Revealed by Podcast

  1. Personally,I think ANY Album by RUSH is great……..and I’m sure their LEGIONS of Fans would agree with me on that one!!! However………MOST Fans do have their “favorite” album over the rest of them because of it’s heartfelt meaning to them personally!!! For some,it may have been the very FIRST RUSH album they’ve ever listened to!?!? For others,it may be a certain song OFF an album that just drove them to LOVE RUSH more than anything else!!!

    Whatever the reason…………the point being……….is that RUSH is here and will CONTINUE to Survive for many more years to come,for NEW fans to hear them them and enjoy them!!!




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