The Big Fall Prog (Plus) Preview, Part 2: Box Set Bonanza!

Since the initial installment of our fall preview, deluxe box set announcements are coming thick and fast. This article includes those mentioned in the preview, plus new announcements that may appeal to our readers. I’ve included approximate list prices in USA dollars (not including shipping), as well as lower-cost options for those who want to hear and support the music without breaking their personal bank. Links are to the ever-ready folks at Burning Shed unless otherwise noted.

King Crimson, Complete 1969 Recordings: 20 CDs, 4 BluRays and 2 DVDs include every surviving note Crimson played in their first year — the seminal debut In the Court of the Crimson King plus the complete studio sessions, extant live bootlegs and BBC recordings. The crown jewels here are new stereo, surround and Dolby Atmos mixes of Court by Steven Wilson. Available October 23 ($210 – $240 list price, depending on your vendor); slimmed-down versions of In the Court on 2 CDs + BluRay (with the new stereo and surround mixes, alternate versions and additional material ; $40) or 2 LPs (with alternate versions and additional material; $35) are already available.

Joni Mitchell, Archives Vol. 1 – The Early Years (1963-1967): Nearly six hours of recordings from before Mitchell released her first album — home recordings, radio broadcasts, and live shows, including 29 songs not previously released with her singing them! Available from Mitchell’s website October 30 as follows: complete on 5 CDs ($65); Early Joni 1 LP (1963 radio broadcast; $25, black or clear vinyl) and Live at Canterbury House 1967 3 LPs (3 sets recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan; $60, black or white vinyl).

More from Porcupine Tree, Tangerine Dream, Tears for Fears and others after the jump!

Porcupine Tree, The Delerium Years 1991-1997: this 13 CD box includes the 2017 remasters of the Tree’s first 5 full length albums On The Sunday of Life, Up the Downstair, The Sky Moved Sideways, Signify, and Coma Divine plus the mini-albums Voyage 34, Staircase Infinities and Metanoia, 2 fan club releases and a disc of rarities. Also includes a hardback book and a heavyweight high-concept box. The LP versions were released in 2 separate boxes back in 2017, now out of print and commanding premium prices. Available November 20 ($170, but mandatory courier shipping from overseas will add another $70 to the price). A lower cost alternative: the 2-CD compilation Stars Die ($20) and/or the full-length CDs and Voyage 34 ($11-12 each).

Elvis Presley, From Elvis in Nashville: The raw masters from the King’s 1970 sessions in Music City; these recordings formed the basis of the albums That’s The Way It Is, Elvis Country and Love Letters from Elvis. Available from Elvis’ official store November 20 on 4 CDs ($45) or 2 LPs ($25).

Tangerine Dream, Pilots of Purple Twilight – The Virgin Recordings 1980-1983: the sequel to my favorite deluxe box of last year In Search of Hades (now in its third pressing), this includes the remastered albums Tangram, Thief, Exit, White Eagle, Logos, and Hyperborea, previously unreleased soundtracks from the films The Soldier (1982) and The Keep, excerpts from the soundtrack to Risky Business and a complete concert. Available October 16 ($105, but add another $45 for mandatory overseas courier shipping). Lower cost alternatives include separate 2020 remasters of the six original releases ($8 each) or the older bargain set Underwater Sunlight; The Virgin Years 1977-1983 ($20).

Tears for Fears, The Seeds of Love: TFF’s 1989 smash, remixed for surround by Steven Wilson and Roland Orzbaal. Available October 9 as: 4 CDs + Blu-Ray deluxe (with stereo and surround mixes, single versions, b-sides, radio edits, early mixes, demos and instrumentals, $65); 2 CDs (with 45s and b-sides, $20); CD ($8) or LP ($25).

Richard and Linda Thompson, Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982: the complete career of the mordant British folk-rock duo, remastered: cult favorites I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Hokey Pokey and Pour Down Like Silver; the long-out-of-print First Light and Sunnyvista; Shoot Out The Lights (the album that broke the Thompsons worldwide even as their personal and professional relationship was dissolving); bonus tracks for all albums; an Early Years compilation; and a disc of live performances. 30 previously unreleased tracks in addition to the rarities. Available now from Super Deluxe Edition (with extra overseas shipping costs) or Amazon ($130).

Ultravox, Vienna: the New Romantic synth-pop band’s 1980 international break-out. New stereo and surround mixes by Steven Wilson. Available October 9 as: 5 CDs + DVD (original stereo, new stereo and surround mixes plus A- and B-sides, rehearsal cassettes and a complete live show, $60); 2 LP (half-speed mastered with selected bonus tracks from the box, $30).

Wilco, Summerteeth Deluxe Edition: By 1999, Jeff Tweedy had already led his bandmates from playful alt-country into raucous alt-rock. Summerteeth zig-zagged again, draping daringly morose lyrics in gauzy dream-pop textures to create an oddly life-affirming album. The newly remastered edition also includes demos, outtakes, alternate versions and live shows (from Boulder, Colorado on CD or from Chicago on LP). Available from Rhino on 4 CDs ($50) or 5 LPs ($100) on November 6.

Neil Young, Archives Volume 2: 1972-1976: the November 20 release date (the 3rd or 4th time it’s been moved) is still all we’ve got for this one. Stay tuned …

— Rick Krueger

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