3 thoughts on “Neil Peart: On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

  1. Amazing article about Neil.Yet……………I feel it VERY contradictory to how Rolling-Stone has always been towards RUSH themselves!!! Always ignoring them,and never giving any significant postive-feedback regarding their albums/songs,etc. Rather ironic that the one posting this article,is the very same magazine that basically S**t on them for years!

    R.I.P. Professor!!! We all miss you!!!

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  2. Bryan Morey

    I can’t express how much I loathe Rolling Stone, in no small part because of the way they’ve always treated Rush like crap. This article in no way redeems them, because they’re still a craphole in every other regard. But it’s still a great article. It seems weird to miss someone so much that I’ve never even known, but that’s just how Rush’s music has impacted me (and many other fans). I was listening to La Villa Strangiato while reading this, and I just had to stop, close my eyes, and listen. A world away. RIP Neil.

    Thanks for sharing it, Rick.

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