Big Big Train EP welcomes us to the planet ahead of schedule…

Big big BBT surprise: 4-track EP of 4 songs from Welcome to the Planet


A big big surprise from Big Big Train today, as suddenly they have released four tracks from their surprise forthcoming album (Jan 28, 2022), Welcome to the Planet.

You can now immediately enjoy four tracks in advance: viz., tracks 1, 2, 3, and 6 from the forthcoming 9-track LP.

I purchased and downloaded the four tracks as an EP from Apple Music. So exciting!

I also noticed that Apple Music immediately applied the purchase as a credit to the future purchase (or pre-order) of the forthcoming album. Very nice!

The tracks are excellent. Enjoy, my friends.

Prog on, BBT! Thanks for the early early Xmas gift.

2 thoughts on “Big Big Train EP welcomes us to the planet ahead of schedule…

  1. Tom Silvestri

    While I know Gregory isn’t in BBT anymore, there’s something fitting about this EP coming out almost 40 years to the day since XTC released the “Senses Working Overtime”/”Ball and Chain”/”Tissue Tigers” EP, which in my view launched that band’s dizzying ascent from a hugely inventive New Wave fave into a kind of progressive rock-flavored New Wave miracle with the subsequent release of ENGLISH SETTLEMENT in January of 1982. But of course, BBT has already proven their progressive chops many times over, perhaps most impressively with that recently mind-blowing cover of Anthony Phillips’ “Master of Time.”

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