David Longdon Dead at 56

What an absolute punch to the gut. Prog Magazine is reporting, with confirmation from Big Big Train, that David Longdon tragically died today in hospital after an accident yesterday morning. I don’t even know what to say. This is an absolute tragedy. And here I thought this shithole of a year couldn’t get any worse.

One of the reasons Progarchy was founded nine years ago was to celebrate Big Big Train’s music, and David Longdon’s brilliance was a certainly a big reason behind that. His vocals, lyrics, and musicianship propelled the band to new heights. This is a major loss to the progressive rock world and obviously to the band.

Our prayers are with the band and Longdon’s loved ones. We’re certainly devastated here at Progarchy. Longdon was always very kind to us here, including giving us a wonderful interview earlier this year. We will miss him greatly.

Limited details and statements from the band at Prog magazine: https://www.loudersound.com/news/big-big-train-singer-david-longdon-dead-at-56

4 thoughts on “David Longdon Dead at 56

  1. kruekutt

    Agreed — so painful for all those who knew & loved David personally, as well as the fans who came to know him through BBT. I’m grateful I was able to interview him this past summer. Nothing can fill the space caused by his death, but I am grateful that the music will remain.

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