Progarchy Radio (March 2017)


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Over two of music and minimal commentary.  Featuring music by Arjen Lucassen in his many incarnations and manifestations.  Also, music by Big Big Train, The Tangent, Blodwyn Pig, Jethro Tull, Hans Zimmer, My Bloody Valentine, the Sundays, Tears for Fears, Vertica, Sixpence None the Richer, Roswell Six, Matthew Sweet, ELO, Spacehog, and Newspaperflyhunting.

Aryeon: The Theater Equation

Ok, this looks freaking amazing.  Taken from Arjen’s website:

Forthcoming, 2016

In September 2015, over the course of four sold-out shows, Ayreon’s legendary progressive rock concept album ‘The Human Equation’ was brought to life as a full-blown musical production at the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. This limited run of performances was witnessed by die-hard fans from across the world, but now Arjen Lucassen’s story can be witnessed by all, as a recording of the final night of those special evenings is being released as both a DVD & Blu-ray package on the 17 June, 2016. ‘The Theater Equation’ is subtitled in nine different languages and includes nearly 90 minutes of bonus content.

Arjen comments: “Even today as I write this, I am amazed and touched by how hard everyone worked and how much love and care they generously gave to make it all happen. Sometimes the dream becomes reality!”

The stage show stars Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie in his original roll as “Me” and features nearly the entire cast of vocalists from the original 2004 album. The main cast is supported by the 19 members of the Epic Rock Choir, which was put together specially for this event.

The Theater Equation is a unique document of an undertaking that was surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


James LaBrie as ‘Me’
Jermain van der Bogt (Wudstik) as ‘Best Friend’
Devon Graves as ‘Agony’
Heather Findlay as ‘Love’
Eric Clayton as ‘Reason’
Magnus Ekwall as ‘Pride’,
Marcela Bovio as ‘Wife’
Irene Jansen as ‘Passion’
Anneke van Giersbergen as ‘Fear’
Mike Mills as ‘Rage/Father’
Nienke Verboom as ‘Nurse’
Peter Moltmaker as ‘Doctor’
Anita van der Hoeven as ‘Mom’

Ed Warby: Drums
Jeroen Goossens: Flutes and woodwinds
Johan van Stratum: Bass
Maaike Peterse: Cello
Marcel Coenen: Guitars
Freek Gielen: Guitars
Erik van Ittersum: Keyboards/synths
Ruben Wijga: Keyboards/synths
Ben Mathot: Violin
The Epic Rock Choir
‘The Theater Equation’ will be available as a deluxe art book (ear book) version including a Blu-ray disc, 2DVD’s & 2CD’s. There will also be a special-edition 2CD & DVD digipack, and a stand-alone Blu-ray & digital download.

After a mysterious single-car accident, the victim – a man in his late 30s – lies comatose in the hospital. Before the accident he was a powerful businessman, wildly successful by any measure but also known for his cutthroat business tactics. Now he finds himself trapped in a prison that took him a lifetime to build: the prison of his own mind. Guarding the prison are his emotions, which have taken on vivid personas inside his mind. Some are friends, some are foes, and they all have their own agendas. Some aim to trick him or dominate him, others to comfort or inspire him. But the one objective they all share is to force him to face up to the demons of his past and the deep truths about who he is and how he’s lived his life, all of which he’s conveniently ignored until now. Fear, Rage, Agony, Love, Passion, Reason and Pride take turns engaging the man in this emotional warfare.

Two people hold vigil at the man’s bedside: his wife and his best friend. They are desperate to understand how the accident happened and to see even the tiniest sign that the man will regain consciousness. But the man’s recovery is not their only concern: is it possible that he somehow found out their secret, and that the “accident” wasn’t really an accident at all? Would he ever be able to forgive them? Will the man have the strength to face the truth about himself and the ones he loves? The story unfolds over his twenty-day emotional struggle with Fear, Rage, Agony, Love, Passion, Reason and Pride, in which each day of coma is represented by a song.

We’ll be keeping you updated about the release of the Theater Equation DVD in the weeks to come.

New Aryeon Album for 2013

ImageWhile I’m still digesting the entire first part of the Ayreon trilogy (and have been for half of a decade or more), Arjen Lucassen has announced a new Ayreon album for 2013.

To write that I’m thrilled would be an understatement.  Nothing this man does is unimportant, and nothing he accomplishes is not accomplished without perfection.  Prog, of course, is full of hyperperfectionists, but Arjen is one of the most perfectionist of the perfectionists.  And, I write that as supreme praise.

Here’s the rather humorous video announcing the new Aryeon.

Just FYI, I’ve been trying to piece together the brilliant but outrageously complex story that is Ayreon (even using the timeline provided in Timeline).  I hope to post about it once, twice, or many times relatively soon.