New Aryeon Album for 2013

ImageWhile I’m still digesting the entire first part of the Ayreon trilogy (and have been for half of a decade or more), Arjen Lucassen has announced a new Ayreon album for 2013.

To write that I’m thrilled would be an understatement.  Nothing this man does is unimportant, and nothing he accomplishes is not accomplished without perfection.  Prog, of course, is full of hyperperfectionists, but Arjen is one of the most perfectionist of the perfectionists.  And, I write that as supreme praise.

Here’s the rather humorous video announcing the new Aryeon.

Just FYI, I’ve been trying to piece together the brilliant but outrageously complex story that is Ayreon (even using the timeline provided in Timeline).  I hope to post about it once, twice, or many times relatively soon.

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