The Best Prog Bands You’ve Never Heard Of (Part Four): Clear Blue Sky


The fourth installment in this series will focus on a band called Clear Blue Sky.  Although they are still active (they released an album this year), I would like to focus on their eponymous debut album Clear Blue Sky.  Formed in the late 1960s by John Simms (vocals and guitar), Mark Sheater (bass), and Ken White (drums), Clear Blue Sky actually received some attention after the release of their first album because of one of their fans: John “Thunderfingers” Entwistle of The Who.  The masterful bass player enjoyed listening to this new band and would even stop by the studio to jam with them.  With a musician like Entwistle supporting them, one would think that Clear Blue Sky would have punched their ticket to stardom.  Unfortunately this was not the case, as their music was not quite “radio friendly” enough to get sufficient airplay. The album opens up with a 17 minute rock epic entitled Journey to the Inside of the Sun and ends with the softer Birdcatcher.  The songs featured in between are shorter, heavier rock pieces that may remind some listeners of Atomic Rooster (sans Hammond organ).  John Simms’s guitar takes center stage on all of the songs and he plays with prodigious skill for an 18 year old.  Sheater and White are not to be ignored, however; they provide a sound rhythm section.  Overall, the band plays with solid skill (considering how young they were) and it is unfortunate they did not get the attention they deserved.  Sadly, this seems to be the case for so many progressive rock bands.  Nonetheless, this is one album certainly worth listening to.

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