Nominate Alison Reijman and Susie Bogdanowicz–PROG

Jerry Ewing’s PROG magazine has put a call out for nominations for this year’s READERS’ POLL.  Here’s the handy-dandy link: PROG READERS’ POLL 2017.

Make sure you follow the directions for the email: “To vote, copy the categories below and e-mail us with the subject line ‘Readers’ Poll 2017’ to”

I have proudly sent in my nominations, but I would like to encourage you to consider two specific folks for nomination.

Unsung Heroes.  Alison and Martin Reijman.

First, please consider nominating our own (well, she’s her own!) Alison Reijman as the “Unsung Hero.”  I have known Alison–only through the internet and correspondence; sadly, never in person–for years now, and I can state that I know of no other person not directly employed by a record label, a PR firm, or a magazine dealing with PROG who has promoted the genre more than Alison has.  She not only loves the music and the musicians, but she, herself, is a lovely, lovely person.  She exemplifies, at least to my mind, all that is best in our strange but delightful little corner of the cultural world.  She’s brilliant, free-spirited, spontaneous, tenacious, and exceedingly generous and kind.

Angelic Susie
The angel of prog, Susie Bogdanowicz.

Second, I would also ask that you consider nominating Susie Warren Bogdanowicz as “Female Vocalist” of the year.  Like Alison, Susie is an incredibly talented and tenacious person, always seeking the best, but doing so in a way that makes everyone around her better.  Again, I have never had the privilege of meeting Susie, but I have spent hours and hours listening to her voice, and–at least to my ears–she has the best voice not just in prog (and not just among females!) but in all of rock and pop.  Additionally, as the voice and lead for Glass Hammer, she represents one of the finest bands of third-wave prog, a band that is, this year, celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  A vote for Susie is not just a vote for Susie, but a vote for Glass Hammer as one of the most important pillars of the prog world.


Skeptical about my claims regarding Susie?  Check out this re-do of a Yes classic and then you’ll have your answer.




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