A small conundrum

I’m so torn! Do I try to read all of Brad’s fabulous posts or do I try to rip all of these CDs that have been sitting on my desk for several weeks now? Hmmm. For the record (heh!), there isn’t much prog here. However, the prog that is in the pile is a bit obscure: “Olias of Sunhillow” by Jon Anderson (1976). Also a Jon and Vangelis album, “Chronicles” (1994), which is probably construed as “New Age”. As well as some Traffic (“Far From Home” and “John Barleycorn Must Die”), Massive Attack (“Protection”), Moody Blues (“Days of Future Passed”), and a bunch of jazz (Monk, Marcus Roberts, Lee Ritenour, Stanley Jordan, David Sandborn, John McLaughlin, George Benson, etc.). Oh, and some good classical: the complete symphonies of Haydn (Adam Fischer with the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra) and Britten’s “War Requiem”. Dare I mention the guilty pleasures? Van Halen’s “Diver Down”, Spandau Ballet’s “Singles Collection”, 2nd Chapter of Acts (Best of…), and Boston (“Greatest Hits”).

Okay, I’ll read Brad’s posts. And await judgment on my questionable tastes…


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