The Future Belongs to Neal Morse, aka “Rev. Prog.”

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Neal Morse just completed the Flying Colors and Momentum tours, and, from everything I saw and read regarding the various shows, they were all spectacular.

Watching Morse and his band play in St. Charles, Illinois, last Friday (a week ago tonight) with my wife, Dedra, and the Widhalms will serve as a great moment in my adult life.  Morse and the band gave everything they had, and what they had to give was beyond ample.  Indeed, had I enjoyed hearing them play any more than I did, I would be bordering on sheer decadence, demanding far more in this world than I have a right to.

Given Morse’s abilities–as a brilliant songwriter, a lyricist, a book author, multi-instrumentalist, and great show-man–we have a lot to expect from him in both the near and distant futures.

In addition to releasing the two major albums mentioned above in the last several months, he has also just released A Proggy Christmas, featuring Mike Portnoy, Steve Hackett, Steve Morse, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas, and Randy George.  The cover even has a Sgt. Pepper’s style image with a photo of the head of Ray Bradbury included.  Of course, it also looks like UFOs are invading a snow covered earth, but, hey, it’s all in good fun.  We hope.

Of course, three albums simply wouldn’t be enough for Morse, aka Mr. Prog.  Ok, how about “Reverend Prog”?  Oh, I like this. . . .

So, in addition to what by any standards of output is beyond the natural, Morse is releasing an album of keyboard parts cut from the Flying Colors album.  Entitled Island of the Lost Keyboards, it will be released for his Inner Circle fanclub in November.  Should be excellent, and we’ll make sure to review it at Progarchy.  We are, after all, huge fans of Radiant Records, Rev. Prog, and Chris Thompson.

And, if you’ve not yet gotten enough Morse (because More is Never Enough), here’s a great interview with John Wenlock-Smith, posted at DRPR.

Never enough Rev. Prog.

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