Excellent Jerry Lucky interview with John Galgano of the fabulous IZZ

I’ve been slowly (way too slowly) getting up a review of IZZ’s latest album, CRUSH OF NIGHT.  From my perspective, it’s one of the best albums of this past year.

As I’ve been listening and prepping, I came across this excellent interview.

Jerry Lucky: Let’s start at the beginning. What’s the short-story as to how Izz came into being?

John Galgano: IZZ started when Tom was in College with Greg DiMiceli and through Greg met Brian Coralian and Paul Bremner. Being Tom’s brother, I was sort of already involved and working with the guys. We had originally gotten together to work on a piece called Deafening Silence that ended up being on the album My River Flows. Tom had written that piece of music and we all played on it for a few live shows. After that, we began writing material as a group and used that material for what became Sliver of a Sun.

JL: Who came up with the name? And what’s it all about?

JG: I’m a big fan of the New York Mets and at the time we started thinking about band names in the mid-90s, they had these three young pitchers who were supposed to be the next great pitchers for the Mets. One of the guys was Jason Isringhausen who was nicknamed “IZZY”. I loved this nickname and mentioned it to Tom and as we talked it over, we decided to drop the “Y” and just make it IZZ. It seemed to work well and we liked the way it sounded

To keep reading, please go here: http://www.jerrylucky.com/interviews_054.htm


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